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The children of St. Vladimir Cathedral and neighboring parishes participated in a week of  study of Old Testament saints.  They studied the lives of Noah, Moses, Joseph and his brothers, and David.  There were classroom activities.  The craft time included art work that followed the story of the day.  The children learned new songs each day and enjoyed singing some of their favorites. One of their favorite times was snack time.   The children completed the week of Vacation Church School with a concert of hymns, bible story, and fun songs followed by a pizza lunch.


The children visited the Famine Monument, located on parish grounds.  Lead by our pastor Fr. John, the children prayed for the over 7 million souls who died because of the famine imposed on the Ukrainian people in 1932-1933. 

After the choral concert, the VCS participates were given certificates of completion by the head mistress, Mrs. Mary Ann Sklaryk. 

VCS Day 1

Vacation Church School 2015 - 06/15/15

Vacation Church School began with excited greetings and happy children, parents, and teachers.  All gathered by the icons at precisely 9:30 for prayers and a lesson  from Fr. John.   The participants gathered into smaller groups and went with their teachers to learn about Noah and his Ark, the boat that kept Noah, his wife, his children, and all the animals from drowning in the great flood. The children enjoyed their lessons, the crafts, the singing, and of course, the snacks.

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Sunday  May 27, 2018
9:00 AM

One bilingual Divine Liturgy


First Holy Confession classs


 Breakfast for the children of the First Holy Confession class

Sunday Liturgies


8:30 AM Divine Liturgy ~ English


10:15 Divine Liturgy ~ Ukrainian