St. Vladimir Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral
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The Parish Youth and faithful commemorate the anniversary of the Artificial Famine imposed on the Ukrainian people in 1932-1933 by the Soviet government. The memorial service was held at the Famine Monument located on the parish grounds.  The faithful and youth, lead by Fr. John Nakonachny, prayed for the over seven million souls, known and unknown, who perished during the forced starvation of men, women, and children.

Following the service a program included teenage members of the Junior UOL and the youth of St. Vladimir Cathedral, Taras Shevchenko School of Ukrainian Studies.   These Parish Youths spoke in both English and Ukrainian to describe the depravity and horrors of starvation in Ukraine, a country known for its wealth of fertile land, and yet, too many Ukrainians were forced to starve.  May their memory be eternal.  Vichnaya Pamyat.



Sunday  May 27, 2018
9:00 AM

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